Join Our Seeds of Change 2025 Family Program

Transform Family Time into
A Life-Changing Adventure

Full Program:
January – April 2025
Volunteering in Arusha, Tanzania:
March 8 – March 16, 2025

Travel moves us.
Service opens us.
Community bonds us.​

Seeds of Change is a Unique Family Experience of Volunteering, Adventure, and Fun.

Imagine turning distracted dinners into extraordinary endeavors, replacing screen time with play time, and building deep, lasting connections outside of a computer screen. The Seeds of Change Family program offers a chance to slow down and be present as a family - away from familiar, over-scheduled, fast paced, tech filled life.

The program consists of a powerful transformational journey for your family that includes 8-days of cultural immersion, participation in a local community volunteering project, a one-day safari, fundraising initiative, and a comprehensive coaching & educational program.

If your family is looking for a family-changing opportunity to connect more deeply, grow and learn together, and make lasting memories Seeds of Change is for you!

Ask Yourself...

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this program is for you and your family!

Why Choose
The Seeds of Change Program?

We know the benefits of travel.
We know the benefits of volunteering.
We know the benefits of self-awareness.
Now we are weaving them all together for your family.

Benefits for Parents

Benefits for Children

Benefits for Everyone

An epic family-changing adventure abroad

Learn About Others and Yourselves

Families will participate in coaching and educational sessions that will foster self awareness, confidence, resilience, and deepen family connection before, during, and after our Tanzania adventure.  You’ll also step out of your comfort zones and try new things like glass blowing and local construction methods.

Become Impactful Global Citizens

Make a difference getting your hands dirty alongside Dare Women’s Foundation and discover how you and your family can be lifelong changemakers. Our educational curriculum and exposure to global issues will increase your family’s awareness about global diversity and the challenges facing our world and will help your children learn empathy and the importance of helping others.

Connect and Have Fun

Share unique and challenging experiences that will strengthen your family relationships and create lasting memories. We will contribute to an important project, go on a safari, enjoy local activities, learn and discover as a family, and have lots of fun together.

Discover your family’s Seeds of Change and sow them together for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Transformative Family Travel

Build Community and Connections

You will build lasting relationships with other caring and adventurous families and the local community - creating a global network of friends and connections.

Develop a Deep Sense of Gratitude and New Perspective

Your family will witness different lifestyles and challenges that will foster an appreciation for our access to resources and opportunities, and an appreciation for how different cultures navigate our world.

Immerse in a new culture and community

Experience the Tanzanian culture first hand as we eat, work and play alongside local Mamas, contractors and school kids each day.

Answer Your Call to Contribution

We help you get clear on your gifts and passions and how you can best contribute to the world. You’ll get to engage in hands-on impactful local volunteering initiatives, answering your call to contribution, and amplifying our collective power to make a real difference in the world. 

Belong to a Supportive and Fun Community

You’ll foster genuine connections with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey of doing good. Our community is a supportive space where you can share experiences, gain insights, and build lasting friendships with other kindred souls committed to being their best selves and making a positive impact.

Discover and Empower Yourself

Unleash your true potential through a fusion of self-discovery, meaningful connection, and coaching calls that will help you uncover your strengths, passions, and purpose. Our community is a catalyst for personal growth, providing you with the tools and support to discover and embrace your truest and most powerful self so you can best be of service.


The investment for the entire life-changing Seeds of Change program including the coaching and educational curriculum (groups sessions pre, during and post-trip), an immersive week of volunteering alongside the local community in Arusha, and a one-day safari to Arusha National Park is $4,250USD per person.*

To take advantage of our Early Bird rate of $3850USD per person, book your discovery call now.

For more information check out our FAQ section below.

Build Project Dare Women's Foundation

Safari and Local Experiences

Family Fundraising and Educational Sessions

Cultural Workshops and Artisan Experiences

Local Hospitality and Celebrations

Logistics and Support

Personal Development Tools

Monthly Local Volunteering and Social Opportunities
  • Monthly local hands-on volunteer initiatives in the greater Toronto area for the community including social time before or after 
  • Once a quarter you’ll be welcome to bring your partners, children and friends to join us for our volunteering opportunity.
  • Quarterly social events including dinners/hikes.
  • Note: Virtual membership includes support to volunteer in your own local community
Book Club
  • Our Give and Grow book club will read and discuss books with a humanitarian theme for additional inspiration and education while exploring how we can best be of service to our world. 
Monthly Nourishing Connection and Coaching Calls
  • Monthly online calls to help you connect to the community and to yourself. These calls will focus on self-discovery, growth, how to best contribute our gifts, and sharing to keep you growing, inspired and connected with your fellow community members.
Private WhatsApp Group
  • A space for members to foster connection, support one another, and share resources and additional opportunities for giving back.

So much more than a vacation, Seeds of Change is an impactful journey of growth, discovery, and connection your family will never forget.

Early Bird Program Fee

Early Bird Program Fee

Regular Program Fee

Reduced rate available for additional family members

Additional Logistics

UGO is here to support your journey and will provide assistance for planning your family’s adventure through our travel abroad checklist and our experience in Tanzania.

Meet Jill

Transformational Travel and Life Purpose Coach

Certified Coach. Humanitarian. Author. Adventurer. Mom. I have spent the past decade helping people deepen their sense of selfso they can powerfully answer their call to contribution – both creating a kinder, more gentle and just world for all, and a happier, more fulfilling life. I have had the pleasure of leading transformational programs in Belize, Nepal, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Tanzania that impact both my clients and the communities we support.

For the benefit of both the world and our kids, I am passionate about creating a generation of happy, thriving children who feel empowered to change their world for the better and I have witnessed the impact that volunteering and activism can play in this on both a personal, family and societal level.  

I have embarked on this journey with my 9-year-old Kyela, who has learned new skills, deepened their confidence, and come to understand their privilege through serving food to those dealing with food insecurity, packing suitcases with medical supplies to be taken abroad, cleaning up garbage in parklands, removing invasive tree species, and participating in several rallies and walks. These opportunities have been wonderful experiences for Kyela and I to deepen our connection, learn about each other, and contribute together to something greater than ourselves.

I am so deeply excited to be leading this Seeds of Change program that will provide an amazing opportunity for Kyela and me and other families to adventure, give back, connect, discover and have a ton of fun alongside an incredible community in one of my favourite and most beloved places in the world. 

So if you’re ready to invest in an epic opportunity for your family to bond, give and grow together on a fun adventure abroad, apply NOW to join us on this journey.

We only have room for a limited number of families and when we’re full…we’re full.

Don’t miss out!

Got a Question?
Check Here

The in-country trip component runs from March 8th – March 16th in Arusha, Tanzania. Airport pick-up and drop off from Kilimanjaro Airport.

Group Coaching Calls:

There will be 2 on-line pre-trip (1 full family, 1 parents only), several on-trip, and 1 online post trip

Exact dates and times to be confirmed.

The investment for the entire life-changing Seeds of Change program including the coaching and educational curriculum (groups sessions pre, during and post-trip), an immersive week of volunteering alongside the local community in Arusha, and a one-day safari to Arusha National Park is $4,250USD per person.* 

To take advantage of our Early Bird rate of $3850USD per person, book your discovery call now.

Securing your spots requires a non-refundable deposit of $500USD per person. A payment plan option is available.

Inquire for reduced rates available for 3rd and 4th children. 

Seeds of Change also includes a fully supported pre-trip fundraising initiative where families will each raise $2500USD in donations for Dare Women’s Foundation to cover the volunteer build project and programming.

*International flights to and from Tanzania, insurance and alcoholic beverages are not included

UGO has partnered with TTI Travel Canada to manage the travel component of this program. Upon acceptance to the program please contact Peter Valentine, TTI Travel Canada, 83 Yonge St, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5C 1S8 TICO #4411872 at 905-616-3085 for accommodation and transportation information and booking.

To ensure a fun and fulfilling experience for everyone we only have room for a limited number of families. This allows for an optimal team and volunteer experience and ensures ample individual attention within the coaching program.

At UGO we strive to create an environment ripe for self-discovery, connection, and contribution so our aim is to have children who ideally are able to participate independently in leader facilitated activities with minimal to no parental involvement needed. We believe children 8 years – 18 years old would benefit best from our Seeds for Change Program.


If your family is interested in joining our Seeds for Change program but your child is beyond this age range, please reach out so we can explore your family’s participation. 


UGO’s approach to our partnerships is to always ask, “What do you need?” 

Maggie, the Founder of Dare Women’s Foundation owns a piece of land that will become the future site for a home and community center that will support women and children dealing with domestic issues – providing a refuge, community, education and income-generating opportunities. 

In March we will be extending a house, landscaping and building garden boxes with a variety of jobs for children and adults.  We will be building upon previous work UGO has completed.

In 2019 we built a perimeter fence, in 2022 we returned to build the foundation and walls of the main house, and in 2024 we built an outdoor bathroom.  We are excited about returning annually to continue our work towards this exciting and impactful project. 

I am interested in the program but have additional questions. Can I chat with someone?

Yes, please email [email protected] with your questions or to set up a time to chat or use this calendly link to choose a time to connect.


Still have questions?
email me at [email protected] or call me at 647-781-8167

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Seize the opportunity to join a community that believes in the transformative power of personal growth, connection, and giving back. Let’s create a world where answering your call to contribution is not just a choice but a way of life!