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At UGO we combine life changing volunteer experiences with life coaching for people who want to find clarity, more meaning, or a sense of purpose. This is anything but a traditional volunteer abroad trip. With pre trip, on trip and post trip programming, we zero in on what makes you tick or what is getting in your way, so you can get more from your life, all while connecting with and helping others.
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To Go or not to Go: Taking time for you.

Majet Reyes, participated in our UGO experience to Nepal in 2016 where we ran workshops educating women farmers on various topics including organic farming practices, healthy relationships, and women’s health and nutrition.  She then joined us again in 2018 for another transformative experience, UGO’s Clarity and Community program, which included helping rebuild in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

As a mother of a young daughter who was 3 years old at the time, Majet had to overcome her concerns about leaving her for two weeks and dealing with missing her.  As an entrepreneur, the financial investment was a potential obstacle too, not to mention the naysayers in her life.  It was a tough decision to make but ultimately Majet knew it was a great investment in herself, and for her daughter, and the program ended up changing her life.  In this 2017 interview Majet shares how the Nepal experience transformed her and why she would highly recommend overcoming any perceived obstacles to partake in a life-changing UGO program.  Majet is a great example of the kind of heart-centred person you meet on our experiences who becomes life-long friends.

Click the image below to watch our chat.

Voluntourism, Costa Rica,

I can’t wait for our next UGO program to connect with others just like her. Email me at [email protected] so we can chat and I can share more details with you. (Run time 14 minutes).




Jill Valentine
Co-Founder & Impact Coach - UGO Impact and UGO Impactmakers

[email protected]

Jill harnesses the innate power of travel and service to create, inspire and connect impactmakers around the globe. She's the creator of the ‘UGO Triple Change Effect’. An Educational and Emotional Framework that provides clarity, courage and community to individuals and organizations who want to create global impact. Jill connects people and resources from the power centers of the world to communities in need.

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