At UGO we combine life changing volunteer experiences with life coaching for people who want to find clarity, more meaning, or a sense of purpose. This is anything but a traditional volunteer abroad trip. With pre trip, on trip and post trip programming, we zero in on what makes you tick or what is getting in your way, so you can get more from your life, all while connecting with and helping others.
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About UGO

What We Stand For


A thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible, resulting in a sense of peace and connection to something larger than themselves as individuals – whether to other people, nature, or a higher power


An inclusive close-knit group of people that care about each other, united in purpose and drive, leading to a sense of deep belonging for those within.

Meaningful Relationships

A shared kinship between two or more people in a state of being defined by mutual respect, selflessness, and appreciation that creates a deep sense of connection.


The act of engaging in supporting or collaborating with a person, a group, a community, a cause or a belief, contributing to a greater good without expectation of personal reciprocation.


To have a strong effect on someone or something. Marshalling resources, time, money, people and passion in a way that improves the state of being for anyone or all: individuals, communities, families, and or the planet and its animals.

Who We Are

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine

Co-Founder & Transformative Travel, Life and Leadership Coach

Jill is a leading Transformative Travel Coach pioneering the transformational travel arena. She had the brilliant idea to harness the innate power of coaching, travel and volunteerism after becoming a Certified Professional Coach and then spending a month in the Philippines helping to rebuild after Typhoon Yolanda.

Combining these powerful tools together she now provides her coaching clients with the clarity, confidence and community to create personal and social change, while at the same time impacting communities in need around the world. 

Leveraging her coaching skills and thousands of hours of volunteering locally and internationally, she’s the creator of ‘The UGO Triple Change Effect Model’ to inspire individuals to clarify their life purpose, step into their full power, and change their world. 

Jill serves to inspire and encourage, because she understands the struggle to find more meaning in life. Although always feeling a call to service, she didn’t feel a deep and fulfilling sense of purpose until she was 32 despite years in the charity sector. She now meshes her passions of serving others, travel and community building to transform her clients lives and the communities they visit. 

Jill has led programs in Belize, Nepal, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Tanzania and has a talent for creating safe, intimate spaces for clients to comfortably volunteer abroad, journey within, and create deep bonds with one another. 

A passionate humanitarian, author of “Dare to be a Dandelion”, volunteerism specialist, disability sport consultant, and community developer, she lives by the words “Make it happen!”

She married her husband after a transformative year of volunteering in Uganda together and now they are raising their spirited daughter who loves giving back and travelling when she can.

UGO Leadership Team

Nicole Hrinco
Co-Founder and Global Partnerships & Impact Consultant

Genevieve Zimanyi
Business Development Consultant

Jess Kissane-Johnson
Transformative Travel Coach

Nizam Ahmed
Strategic Consultant and Photographer

Beena Tharakan
Processes and Operations Consultant

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