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At UGO we combine life changing volunteer experiences with life coaching for people who want to find clarity, more meaning, or a sense of purpose. This is anything but a traditional volunteer abroad trip. With pre trip, on trip and post trip programming, we zero in on what makes you tick or what is getting in your way, so you can get more from your life, all while connecting with and helping others.
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About UGO

What We Stand For


Gain the clarity and confidence you need to live a life of purpose and passion.​

Meaningful Relationships

A shared kinship between two or more people in a state of being defined by mutual respect, selflessness, and appreciation that creates a deep sense of connection.


To have a strong effect on someone or something. Marshalling resources, time, money, people and passion in a way that improves the state of being for anyone or all: individuals, communities, families, and or the planet and its animals.


An inclusive close-knit group of people that care about each other, united in purpose and drive, leading to a sense of deep belonging for those within.


To have a strong effect on someone or something. Marshalling resources, time, money, people and passion in a way that improves the state of being for anyone or all: individuals, communities, families, and or the planet and its animals.

Who We Are

Jill Valentine

Transformational Travel and Life Purpose Coach

Jill is a leading Transformative Travel Coach pioneering the transformational travel arena. She had the brilliant idea to harness the innate power of coaching, travel and volunteerism after becoming a Certified Professional Coach and then spending a month in the Philippines helping to rebuild after Typhoon Yolanda.

Combining these powerful tools together she now provides her coaching clients with the clarity, confidence and community to create personal and social change, while at the same time impacting communities in need around the world. 

Leveraging her coaching skills and thousands of hours of volunteering locally and internationally, she’s the creator of ‘The UGO Triple Change Effect Model’ to inspire individuals to clarify their life purpose, step into their full power, and change their world. 

Jill serves to inspire and encourage, because she understands the struggle to find more meaning in life. Although always feeling a call to service, she didn’t feel a deep and fulfilling sense of purpose until she was 32 despite years in the charity sector. She now meshes her passions of serving others, travel and community building to transform her clients lives and the communities they visit. 

Jill has led programs in Belize, Nepal, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Tanzania and has a talent for creating safe, intimate spaces for clients to comfortably volunteer abroad, journey within, and create deep bonds with one another. 

A passionate humanitarian, author of “Dare to be a Dandelion”, volunteerism specialist, disability sport consultant, and community developer, she lives by the words “Make it happen!”

UGO Leadership Team

What is Transformational Travel?

Have you ever gone on a trip that changed your life? Perhaps it pushed you out of your comfort zone and you grew, or something happened to profoundly shift your perspective or values. Travel has an incredible innate power to transform us and transformational travel is...

5 Confidence Killers to Conquer

Confidence is one of the most important traits when it comes to living a happy and fulfilling life.  Without confidence in ourselves and our abilities we will struggle to thrive and achieve our potential, we’ll have issues being true to ourselves, and it will inhibit...

What I learned from climbing Kilimanjaro TWICE!

In 2007 while volunteering in Tanzania, I decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a local friend I had met.  We did the Marangu “easy Coca-Cola” route, with Hut Accommodation.  We hiked through the days, had dinner, played cards, and got a cozy night of...

Make Time for Personal Transformation

If you google habits of successful people, or how to create the life you’ve always dreamed of you will get a plethora of lists and how-tos that your head can start to swim. And let's face it, what works for one person may not work...

Volunteering, Tree Planting, Tanzania

How Being of Service Became A Way of Life

I initially experienced the healing power of service to others in September of 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. My personal life was in tatters and all I wanted to do was be consoled by my mother...

How Journaling Can Change Your Life

Several years ago I was running my first transformative travel program taking a group of women to Belize to volunteer abroad while discovering more about themselves. I wanted to ensure they were able to process their experience and capture their days, as well as introduce...

What Really Lights You Up?

"This above all. To thine own self be true," says Shakespeare’s Polonius in Hamlet. Sounds easy enough but the truth is, living true to one’s self is actually quite difficult, especially when you don’t even know your self. For years I worked 9-5 jobs where...

5 Things The World’s Best Life Coaches Do

Having spent the past several years in the personal development space, I have worked with and witnessed a ton of life coaching ranging from powerful transformative programs to sad smoke and mirror hand-holding.   The best life coaches offer programs that include five key elements to...